Things To Look For When Towing A Car

Any truck driver who owns a tow truck or has a tow truck for hire should make sure that the vehicle is safe. Vehicles need to be free of any mechanical issues to ensure the vehicle will stay on the road.

When a vehicle needs to be towed, the first step is to begin by checking it out. Take a look at the tires are performing properly. The trucks do not need to be on the ground yet, they still need to be on the wheels.

Check that the tires are in good condition. The tires must be rotating properly.

Look at the engine to see if there are any leaks. If there are any leaks, it will be harder to tow and this could lead to a wreck.

One important thing to remember is that if the brakes of a vehicle are working, they must stay that way. It may not seem like it but if the brakes are working, the tow truck is easier to get in the air. It makes sense that if a car is traveling at an extreme speed that the brakes will malfunction.

Look for any damage that may be present. Any wheel damage is something that should be looked into immediately. Wheel damage can also cause a bad landing on the ground as well as making it hard to get the vehicle back up into the air.

Inspect the brakes for any signs of wear. They should be clean and the drums should be lubricated. Brake pads that are dirty will lead to a lot of problems and will make the vehicle less effective in handling turns.
Inspect the brakes again to see if they are leaking. They may need new pads. Also, if the brakes are in bad shape, the tires will take longer to stop, making it harder to get the vehicle down in the air.
Keep an eye out for any issues with the steering. If there are issues with the steering, the tow truck driver will need to pay more attention to the maneuvering. Steering issues can be fixed by replacing the steering wheels.
Check the tires to see if they are mounted properly and have the proper light bulbs. The vehicle will be easier to control if the tires are properly adjusted.
Take a look at the oil pressure. Sometimes there are issues with the oil pressure, which will make the vehicle difficult to drive. Make sure the oil is changed if needed.
These are just a few things that should be checked before a tow truck driver will be in charge of driving the tow truck. It is better to have a car that does not get in an accident and a tow truck that doesn’t crash than one that wrecks and the driver won’t know where the tow truck stopped.